6 Best Beaches To Find Oregon Agates


Finding agates on the beautiful Oregon Coast is a fascinating activity for adults and children alike. The Oregon Coast is one of the best places in the United States to find onyx.

Unlike other stones like emeralds and rubies, agates are usually washed ashore where beachgoers can find them and decide. Agate looks like a rectangle formed in the volcanic rock of a cave; it always keeps longer than stone and is dug up and mined by stone hunters.

Agates are very attractive and, although their economic value is low, they are very beautiful and interesting to collect.

The six main areas where Oregon agate is found along the coastline are.

1. Depoe Bay

Depoe Bay is located on the Pacific Ocean and has a beautiful coastline where agates are often thrown. Depoe Bay is a relatively small city, but its size increases during the peak summer tourist season.

Beyond the bustling harbor is a stretch of seaside coastline where high-quality agates can be mined. In fact, agates can be found everywhere along the beach, from Newport in the south to Lincoln City in the north.

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2. Beverly Coast

The Beverly Coast is a major agate mining area in Lincoln County, Oregon. This coast is located between Beverly Seashore State Park and Yaquina Head. This coast was first crowned in the 1930s and is now home to a charming little group.

The coast is surrounded by creeks and cliffs and it is common to find fossils and gems that are believed to have washed ashore from the sea. The agates and various minerals found here are believed to have come from the surrounding cliffs, where gems damaged by winter storms were washed into streams and then deposited in coastal waters.

The Oregon Agate Collection is a great pastime for many of our coastal visitors. Visitors can also hike and tour at nearby Beverly Seashore State Park. This park is a great place to pitch a tent for those looking to spend the night on this beautiful body of water.

3. Moolack Beach

The Moolack Beach is another beautiful onyx beach located in central Oregon between Lincoln City and Newport. The coastline stretches for five miles between Otter Rock in the north and Yakin Head in the south. This coastline is next to the Devils Punchbowl National Clear Space and is a place worth visiting, not only for the agates but also for the splendor of the beach.

Come not only for the onyx but also to enjoy the splendor of the beach. Discover the splendor of the coast and not only the agate.

Agates can be found all along the beach, but the best place to start your search is the area across the creek, south of the coast. Many of the agates in this area have been washed out by the agate-rich volcanic rocks upstream. After collecting agates, you can go whale watching at Otter Rock or visit Yaquina Head Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in Oregon.

4. Yachats

This is a beautiful town located at the base of the beautiful Coast Range along the Pacific coast of Lincoln County. The town’s name comes from an Indian word meaning “dark water”. The town is surrounded by beautiful beaches, lighthouses, streams, and creeks, most of which contain agates.

The volcanoes around Jahatsa are considered the original source of Oregon onyx. The Siouxlow National Forest is dotted with creeks such as Rock Creek and Cummins Creek, all of which contain agates.

The Yachats in Oregon is a good place to find agates.

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5. City of Oceanside

Oceanside is a wonderful little town located in Tillamook County. The town has a beautiful coastal settlement and some very nice Oregon agates have been found there.

The seashore is a favorite place to find agates for many visitors to this small group. The agates here come from the creeks, flow into the sea and return here. If you go hunting for agates by yourself, you will find many agate treasures on this beach.

For many people, the best time to look for agates here on the coast is in the fall and winter. It is believed that winter storms have caused large quantities of agates to wash up on the beaches.

Two beachgoers search for treasure hidden in the gravel in the town of Simaunt. This is a classic beach to find agates, especially after a winter storm.

6. Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is located near where the Pacific Ocean meets the Rogue River. The coast offers miles of pleasant settlements and is a good place to find agates.

The Rogue River carries the agate contained in the volcanic rock upstream, where it sinks into the Pacific Ocean before being washed out to sea. This makes the coast the most important place to look for agates, and the river constantly replenishes the coastal agate supply.

Searching for agates in Oregon

The Oregon coast is considered a great place for agates and is a must-see coast for beachgoers. The most effective places to find agates on the coast are coastal cliffs and streams.

Winter is usually the most effective time to find agates along the coastline, but they can be found year-round. After a big storm, it’s the perfect time to go out to sea and take a walk on the beach. Indeed, the fast-flowing water causes agates to form on the beach.

Agate is not the only thing to look for on the Oregon Coast. Many different minerals and fossils can be found in the sand, as well as many different shells that can be collected naturally.

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Suggestions for finding agates on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is known around the world for its ruggedness and majesty. More than 360 miles of coastline are accessible to all. These shores are rich in wave-carved gems, such as pink carnelian agate, white cloud stone, moonstone agate, pink, purple and yellow jasper, and petrified wood.

But agate is not as simple as it once was. These days, you have to look a little harder to find the stones you really want.

So I’ve put together my top five ideas for finding agates on the Oregon coast. They will give you an idea of the types of agates you can find on the Oregon Coast.

1. Stay safe and watch the tides when climbing on the Oregon Coast.

Safety first. Different parts of the Oregon Coast can be wild and rugged. So the first thing to do when collecting agates on the Oregon Coast is to keep a close eye on the tides, as well as the movement of the waves on your trainer.

As you go along, you’ll find that everything will work to your advantage. Always watch for crosswinds and don’t get caught on the outside wall of rocks at high tide.

When looking for agates on the Oregon coast, the most effective time to look is at low tide. There are several reasons for this. The water rises on the beach, moving sand and grit and exposing the agate before it is buried. Also, at high tide, the sea brings new agate patterns onto the beach for people to see.

2. Find a shoreline with an exposed gravel layer.

Agates can still be seen on Oregon Coast beaches in December. However, they are not always visible. This is because agates and other stones are often buried in the sand.

Only the forces of nature can uncover these layers and we cannot predict when they will become apparent. In most cases, there is no way to cover the beds for the winter.

Try to find a place where there are basalt streams nearby. It is more likely to occur where the onyx has traveled a long way along a river or stream, rather than where it originated.

3. Looking for agates in the sun

Whenever possible, when looking for agates on the Oregon coast, try to work in or against the sun. Agate is translucent, so if you can get the right angle from the sun, the agate will appear to buzz with daylight, making it easier to identify.

Many agates found on the Oregon coast are quite small in size. And by the time they reach the beaches where they are found, they have been shredded into a much smaller stone than when they left.

4. Searching for Oregon Coast Agates in Winter

Another good time to look for Oregon Coast agates is in the winter. If possible, go to the beach outside of the vacation season.

In the summer, the beach can sometimes get very crowded. This is not desirable for rockhounds, as the more rocks you find on the beach, the more competition you will have.

There is another reason why winter is the best time to look for agates. This is due to the many storms that bring agates close to shore. These storms stir up the sand and particles that cover the agates not yet found, making it possible to search for them.

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