8 Best Cheap Metal Detectors Under $100


Have you ever wondered about the gold, artifacts, and various treasures buried beneath your feet? Treasures that have been lying undiscovered underground for years, belonging to long-lost travelers, locals, soldiers, and even kings.

You don’t need to buy an expensive metal detector to find these valuable items. If you are just starting out or are already an avid detective, these items will help you find what you are looking for. You should also consider including appropriate equipment such as shovels, gloves, and syringes in the price.

We have a large selection of different types of metal detectors.

  • Weight
  • Frequency
  • Mode
  • If you are a beginner, we suggest you try the best metal detectors for beginners, handpicked for these new hobbies.

What makes a metal detector worth the investment is usually determined by the options available. We’ve compiled a list of the most effective detectors under $100 and explained why these are the ones that will get you started. In the U.S. and Canada, you may need a permit to visit certain locations. So check the legal regulations in your area to avoid trespassing on private land.

To find the most effective metal detector for under $100, we analyzed customer experiences and took input from experienced detectorists who own the product and have data on actual capabilities. Then we removed too many fake spot reviews to help you make a better choice.

1. Bounty hunter gold digger

Bounty Hunter nuggets are lightweight (2.2 kg), which is convenient for people who want to use them for a long period. This prevents wear and tear on the hands. The leg of the sector can be adjusted from 34.5″ to 45.5″, which brings glory to families whose clients have different heights.

This is one of the cheapest metal detectors under $100, but it has many options, which is very important when buying a metal detector. It uses two 9V alkaline batteries and can be placed in an easily accessible location, which is handy if you need to change batteries on the go. The main feature of this area is its ability to detect most types of metals, including silver, gold, aluminum, iron, and metal.

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2. Wedigout MD-4030 Professional

The Wedigout MD-4030 belongs to the professional category and has several features that set it apart from other models on the market. This model comes with a cuff for added support and luxury. This model also comes with an adjustable boom, making it suitable for clients of different sizes and families where several clients have the same detector.

Designed for ease of use, they have several different patterns to help you narrow down the problems you want to detect. The target indicator was designed to be easy to learn, even for inexperienced users. This model has a headphone jack, so you can quickly plug your favorite headphones into the metal detector and simply listen as the detector approaches the buried metal.

3. Nokta Makro Mini Hoard

The Nokta Makro Mini Hoard is a metal detector specifically designed to help children learn how to properly use a metal detector. It is designed to help children discover the world around them and learn about history. It is made of high-quality materials that won’t break easily and the LCD screen is easy to learn. This metal detector has a retractable rod that moves up to 63 cm, making it easy to move and ideal for use on the beach or at various tourist sites.

The Nokta Makro Mini Hoard metal detector weighs only 1.7 kg and is considered light and compact. This makes it easy for teenagers to use and carry. In addition, the metal detector is equipped with two different voices, which makes it easier for teens to distinguish finds and narrow down their search.

4. QSI Fast Silver Bounty Hunter

The QSI Fast Silver from Bounty Hunter comes with a 5-year limited warranty on consumables and manufacturing defects. It operates at 6.6 kHz on two 9V alkaline batteries. The simple LCD design includes a low battery indicator that lets you know when the batteries are low.

The handle and armrest are padded for comfort during extended use. The searcher can use depth selection control to ensure that the metal detector’s signal is strong enough to reach the required depth. Finally, the metal detector is equipped with a curved Bounty stand to prevent injury when placed on its base.

5. Tactical life mmd02

The TACKLIFE MMD02 is ergonomic, lightweight, and has a comfortable hand rest when using the detector. It is also equipped with a 3.55mm headphone jack so that any user can clearly detect a change in sound when approaching a buried object. This metal detector comes in a carrying case, making it easy to carry when traveling or to store after use.

The LCD screen displays different types of images, which is both cute and makes it easy to distinguish completely different perspectives below. The metal detector’s rod is adjustable and can be set between 24 and 45 inches, which is suitable for both teenagers and adults. It’s fun for the whole family. This model only weighs about 4 kg and the LCD shows the remaining battery life. So you’ll always know when it’s time to charge the detector or replace the batteries.

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6. RM Recomax GC-1028

The RM-Ricomax GC-1028 is designed to be easily operated by anyone, making it ideal for inexperienced users and those with sufficient technical knowledge. The detector is equipped with a P/P function that allows young people to pinpoint an exact target. The LCD screen makes it easy to see what metals the detector is detecting. Depending on the type of metal detected, several sounds are emitted, making it easy to locate the type of metal selected.

The metals that can be found with this metal detector are silver, iron, gold, aluminum, and bronze. It is light, weighing about 2.31 kg and powered by two 9V batteries. Thanks to its waterproof coil, it can be used almost anywhere, including the seaside. Finally, Liko Max offers excellent customer support if you have any problems or questions about how to use the metal detector properly.

7. Minelab GO-FIND 11

The Minelab GO-FIND 11 metal detector was designed to be easy to use, making it ideal for those who have no experience with metal detectors. It is a perfect introduction to detecting and comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Rather than being rearranged like other metal detectors, this detector has several preset detection modes, with completely different icons flashing on the LCD screen to indicate what has been found. The metal detector has a quantity adjustment feature, which allows you to adjust the quantity to make different sounds easier to hear as you approach an object on the ground.

This model weighs only about 3 kg and can be folded. This feature makes it a metal detector that can be taken anywhere, for use in stores or to reduce presence in the home. By adjusting the metal detector’s precise levers, it can be adapted to both teenagers and adults, adding a fun academic activity to family outings.

8. Bounty Hunter BHJS

Bounty Hunter BHJS is designed for youth, but can also be used as a starter detector for adults if needed. Unlike many other detectors, this detector can find metal in the ground at a depth of 5 inches to 3 feet, depending on the type of soil and type of metal. The ergonomic design of this metal detector is designed to be easy for youngsters to handle, comfortable, and easy to hold and use for long periods.

The metal detector uses a rechargeable battery as its power source and, with its weather-resistant coil, can be used in most locations, including the seaside. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty covering defects from the metal detector manufacturer and can find all types of metals. This will save you time because you will know what type of metal you are looking for before you even start digging. Finally, there is an ID check feature to avoid the presence of iron and other metals.

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Frequently asked questions about steel detectors under $100.

Can I detect gold with a steel detector under $100?

Most metal detectors can detect gold, but not all. You can usually tell what metals your metal detector can detect by reading the metal detector’s description and looking at its model. Manufacturers often list the types of metals their models can detect in their product descriptions. Finally, many metal detectors capable of detecting gold have high-frequency variations, which may result in a higher price.

How deep can a metal detector detect metal?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the different metal detectors. It depends on the different options that the metal detector is equipped with, such as frequency, energy output, and coil type. Therefore, when considering a metal detector, you should check the reviews and data on each metal detector to ensure that it is capable of reaching the required depth before making a final purchase decision.


If you want to get the most out of your life, I suggest you look into it. As metal detecting becomes an increasingly fashionable hobby, the technology used in the best devices can now be found in metal detectors in the price range. Whether you’re a beginner, a hobbyist or just looking for something to please others, we have a metal detector that will satisfy everyone.

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